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Sonoma Coast Rosé of Pinot Noir

Hailing from the blustery Petaluma Gap region of the Sonoma Coast, then aged and fermented in stainless steel, this rosé is refreshingly lively with bright floral notes and a beguiling pinky-coral hue. Easy on the palate with zingy flavors of apricot, raspberry and pear, it takes a surprising turn with a seriously focused finish. Currently being served at Farmstead, Angèle, Redd and Farmshop—but it’s just as good in your own backyard for a sunny lunch, alfresco dinner or an apéritif anytime.

Tasting notes: The floral result offers notes of citrus fruit and plum, and a fine, harmonious nose. Red fruit brings an almost flinty power to the palate, while the structure is fresh and sophisticated with concentration at its core.

Vintage: 2017
Cellar Notes: Perfect for the impatient oenophile, this wine is ready to be enjoyed now.
Label Notes: The label depicts a famed 1906 balloon race over the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris. Picnickers gathered in the garden and diners filled the neighborhood terraces, eager to watch the launch of this inaugural overseas race. It’s a perfect moment of joy and anticipation—exactly how you should feel when you enjoy a fine rosé.

Price: $24 a bottle

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