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The Wines

With Vivier wines, Stéphane and Dana are able to blend their respect for tradition with their enthusiasm for emerging winegrowing regions, and their love of Pinot Noir. It’s family owned and operated, which means the kids are in the vineyard almost as much as their parents, wine deliveries are family road trips, and case production is extremely limited. There are no angel investors or rich relatives, in fact the whole enterprise was bankrolled on a single credit card. But they are doing what they love, making wine that you’ll love. La vie est belle.

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“I grew up with rosé of Pinot Noir in Burgundy. I would come home and sit outside with my parents. My mom would bring in things from the garden, and my dad wine from the cellar. We would talk about the day, and most everyday have a bottle of rosé.” —Stéphane Vivier